To bee or no more bees…

Whilst working on a uni project, I came across this interesting group of Cambodian beekeepers.

The images of the Giant Honeybee combs are incredible – lots of beautiful images of bees and birds too.

If I ever make it to Cambodia, I shall definitely be paying them a visit.  In the meantime, pass me the honey!

(More bee stuff to follow, post project deadline.)

To crock or not to crock..?

This was an interesting read.

Apparently, putting crocks (broken crockery or stones) in the bottom of your pot plants for drainage is not necessary; it has been debunked as an old wives’ tale.  Or, more accurately, a Victorian fondness for using and re-using absolutely everything.  According to the research, a layer of sand is the best thing for drainage.

Since I sliced my finger open a treat on a bit of hidden crockery last week, I’m inclined to be in favour of this research.  It does leave the question of what to do with future broken crockery though; I’m a bit Vicorian like that too.  Perhaps I should grind them down to a grittier state, instead of going on a sand hunt.

Any suggestions..?

On the concept of Food Banks…

I say – jolly good show, old chaps!

Ah, the Daily Mail.  Such a shining beacon of virtue, wisdom and kind-heartedness.  You’ll never guess what they’ve done now…

Only gone and organised an epic £47,000 (and counting) of donations to the Trussell Trust!  Congratulations, Daily Mail!  You are awesome.

And all it took was one of their reporters heading to CAB, lying to the volunteer and fraudulently taking vouchers for the food bank.  Oh, hang on…

All digs aside, the generosity of people who donated should be celebrated.  And the need for food banks in the first place needs to be addressed.  Part of the reason we’re so on it with all the growing of food this year is to hopefully not end up requiring food bank assistance at some point; we have access to a sunny garden which I know many living in urban areas do not.  If we end up with excess beans and peas, I know where we’ll be taking them!

NB – I like to provide sources and so on but I draw the line at sending you to the Mail’s site.  You can read about it here (Guardian) and there is a link to the Mail story in the first paragraph.